Hello Friends!

Welcome to the next installment of  “What do we love”!  Right now we love table runners, and in particular we love this book called “Tabletastic 2” by Doug Leko.  Mary and I have been making so many of these table runners and table toppers. What do we love about the book?

It has great graphics and illustrations.

The book has a wide variety of patterns from traditional to modern, from really easy to more complicated.

It has plenty of space on each page for making notes, AND it has a spiral binding so the book lays nice and flat while you’re working. It has been fun to experiment with colors and designs.

What do we love about these small quilts?

  • They are faster than a full sized quilt, you can use some of those little pieces you’ve been saving, and you can add a beautiful homey feel to any room that you can change up according to season or mood.
  • You can learn and practice a new technique without the pressure of a whole large quilt.
  • Don’t like table runners? No problem, Amy. 🤣. They can hang from a door, they can drape over the back of a chair, you can display your projects at the foot of your bed.

Mary and I each made a couple projects from this book with different fabrics. Check out how different they look with different fabrics. The first is called “Park Royal” and the second is called “Southfields”


Park Royal


And you know we love our Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics. Each of these quilts was made with one curated Cherrywood Grab Bag  and background fabrics. “St. James” was made with a “Warm Grab Bag” and background, “Willowbrook” was made with a “Neutral Grab Bag plus accent and background, and “Norwood” was made with a “cool grab bag” and background.

Cherrywood Runners


And another thing we love about table toppers… It is a great place to practice your quilting. They are small enough that you can easily manipulate the quilt under your domestic machine. Been nervous about trying something new? Worried about how the designs will look? Table runners are a great place to give something a trial run!

Check out some of the quilting Mary and I did.



Stop by the store to check out these samples, pick up the book and choose fabric for your next project.

You know how much we also love playing “Pick out the Fabric”!