Week of November 20, 2016

Hint:  Log on in just 2 weeks from now to hear about a new project I am working on.  I am so excited about it, I can hardly wait to share and I hope you want to participate with me (more news to come later).sb-sue-2

This is Thanksgiving week and I have so much to be thankful for.  Especially this year  I believe it is for my precious little 2-month-old granddaughter.  Because of her, I have been thinking of things girly and wanted to share a few Sun Bonnet Sue Quilts from my doll quilt collection.

The first one is a sweet quilt I found in an antique shop.  It is about 20” x 24” and has charming little Sues in pink with Blue Bonnets.

sb-sue-yellowThe next one is about the same size but probably my favorite and I found it on E-Bay.  It is hand pieced, embroidered and hand quilted with a nice yellow border.  They just don’t come much better.

This fun little pink and blue Sun Bonnet Sue with her friend Overall Sam were also an E-Bay find.  You just never know wsb-sue-and-samhat will turn up when you look there.

The last one I wanted to show you has a little story.  This picture is of a pillow with Sun Bonnet Susb-sue-pillowe and she matches a special quilt.  It started with my grandmother and great grandmother.  When my mom was a little girl they decided to work on a quilt together and made her a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt that they set on feed sacks when my mom was about 5 years old (she’s 92 now).  About 10 years ago, my mom gave me that quilt for my collection and I treasure it!  But to continue the tradition, when my little girl was about two years old (she’s 39 now) and needed a quilt for her big girl bed my mom suggested that we make a mother/grandmother quilt like the one that had been made for her so we did!  And this pillow went along with it.  I still think it is a wonderful tradition in quilting families for mom and grandma to collaborate on a special quilt for a young daughter/granddaughter.

Just for you – Quilt Quote:  “Those who sleep under a quilt sleep under a blanket of love.”

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