May 20th

Hello Friends!

It is time for the second step of our “Summer Mountains” sew-together. Did you get your pattern? If not, you can get it here!  Did you choose your quilt size? Did you get your fabrics? Most importantly, did you get them all labeled? This week we will be cutting out all our pieces. It will be extremely helpful if you have your fabrics labelled; it’ll save some confusion later. Your pattern has a very helpful Color Chart page that you can use.

Are you confused about where to find the cutting instructions? We were too!

The list of block sizes and quantities is found after each color on page one, so first cut out those squares.

And then most of your square pieces are sub-cut into triangles. Please check out the “Note” section above the cutting list to see if you are cutting your squares diago

Creative Grids 15 1/2″ Square Ruler

nally once to make half-square triangles or twice to make quarter square triangles. If you are making the large quilt, having a large square will be helpful, like this one! 👉

Be sure to save all your scraps from cutting out this quilt. There will be a fun “little” surprise coming your way in a couple weeks!