Spring Showers Crochet-Along Part 2

by Rachael

Hello Friends!

It is time to start stitching, if you haven’t already! Truth be told, some folks got so excited to do this project they are already finished!!

For this newsletter, we will be working on rows #1-19. That will get you through the first two charts and to the first gauge checkpoint. I consider myself to be a novice crocheter and I was very grateful for the “Ask-A-Friend” option and my lovely co-workers who helped me over the rough parts. I really struggled with the written instructions and I was afraid to use the chart because using a chart was new. The chart is really a great way to go with this pattern. The text was confusing, even with lots of pencil marks and highlighter tape.  If you are unsure how to read a chart please come in and let us help you, it is easier than you think!  This particular chart is like a line drawing of the shawl, making it easy to see where you are and where you’re going.


Here’s a helpful hint from Maggie for getting started: When you begin this pattern it has you chain 6 stitches and form a loop, but you will be working in rows, not rounds; you will be turning your work after every row.

👈 Check out this picture: see the loop?

And don’t forget, you can always “ask a friend” at Wooden Spools!