Hello Friends!

If you have been keeping up with our “Sparrows” Quilt-Along, maybe you have a big pile of beautiful bird blocks. If you are still thinking about making this quilt, here is a link to finding this awesome pattern in our webstore SPARROWS QUILT PATTERN If you haven’t been keeping up, there is no rush. We all understand that sometimes “life” gets in the way of sewing, and all of us here at Wooden Spools strive to offer a judgement-free zone about how fast (or slow) you progress or how perfect (or not) your projects are. We are just honored to be part of your quilting process.

When you are finished piecing each block, you get to make some fun decisions about how to set your flock of sparrows into a quilt. Do you want each row of birds to face the same direction?

Do you want to have kissing birds like in Mary’s quilt?

Do you have other ideas? Do you want to add some negative space? Do you want to add some extra borders to change the size of the quilt? The sky (full of sweet sparrows) is the limit!

Whatever you decide, we are excited to see your project and to share in the satisfaction of a finished project! Got questions or need help? We will be offering help sessions Tuesday mornings at 10am Aug 31, Sept. 7th and Sept 14th!  No charge of course, but just give us a call and let us know you are coming! (303) 761-9231