August 13th

Hello Friends! Have you gotten your “Sparrows pattern?  Have you been cutting and making lots of cute little piles? Are you ready to get sewing?? Let’s get started!

The most important thing to remember as you work your way through the pattern is that you are making right-facing birds and left-facing birds. Each section that you will make needs to be made for right and left facing birds unless, of course, you choose to make all the sparrows face the same direction.

If you are planning things out carefully, now is a good time to match up head, body, and breast fabrics into the combinations you like and sort your bird pieces into right and left facing stacks. Using labelled plastic baggies can be helpful for this step.  Wonder clips will be your friends here!

The graphics in the pattern are really well labelled and easy to follow. But, there is one notable exception: there is not a good graphic included in the pattern for a right facing bird. I am pretty good at spacial things, but I stumbled a little when I was piecing my quilt and would have found that to be helpful. So, I made a page for you! You can use it to follow for placement and orientation for the right facing bird! I hope it will help you!

Here is one thing we found helpful: make one each of the right and left facing birds to use as an example.

Also, take a second to look at the section of the pattern where the HSTs (pieces R, I and K) meet up with the tail section (piece M) and the body section (piece Q).  Those sections don’t match up corner to corner. Keep that in mind when you are sewing; I hope noticing this will save you a little time when you are putting things together.

Got questions? Need help? Want feedback? Want to show off your progress? Our next help session will be this Sunday, August 15th from 10 to 11:30.  We’ll have another one next Sunday, August 22nd – same time!

Here’s a link to read the prior steps