Who loves a heel? It turns out, not everyone. I think the most common reason we hear at the store about why people don’t like to knit socks or don’t want to make socks is that they find turning the heel confusing. The heel is traditionally the part of the sock that gives us the most trouble. But we think you should give it a try! It is always a good time to learn something new. One of the things we love about the heel in Earthtones Girl’s “Soxploration” sock pattern is her wonderful short row heel instead of a flap and gusset.  What do you think? Cute, right!?




It is a really slick heel! When you get the pattern from us, be sure to watch the tutorials that come along with the pattern. She has good information and is a really good teacher.


Check out the great bulls eye on Amy’s Tippy Tree socks! 👉



And look how nicely this heel fits into this striped sock that Maggie knit out of West Yorkshire Spinners yarn.



It isn’t too late to start! You remember the deal, right? You buy the yarn here, we’ll buy you the pattern!