Week of December 16, 2018 – Quilted Ornaments

This past week I was at my friend Jean Ruger’s house for our Doll Quilt Divas group Christmas luncheon.  I just loved looking at her Christmas tree because almost all the ornaments were handmade – many of them were quilted.  I thought you might like to see a few of my favorites.

This first little 3” x 4” Bowtie quilt ornament was made from a pattern by Tynnebelle’s.  They were 2 women from Littleton who made wonderful miniature paper pieced patterns in the 1990s.  After seeing this cute ornament, I went home and found that I had the patterns too but never made this tiny quilt.  It just might have to be next on my list!

This next cutie is made from part of an old embroidered quilt that someone cut out in the shape of angel wings.  It is embellished with a face, hair, halo and a few other things to make her look angelic.  You must appreciate the vision someone had, to be able to create this ornament out of an old quilt scrap.

I also love counted cross stitch and this ornament is a well-done example of patience and time that someone took to make it for Jean.

The last one from Jean’s house is not an ornament but a miniature log cabin quilt with embroidery on either side and placed in an old barn wood frame.  It made me smile and think of a simpler life.

Looking at these encouraged me go home and work on some little quilted ornaments of my own this week.  I made simple 2.5” red and white peppermint pinwheels.  Some of them are pillowcased and turned with no batting.  The others are quilted and bound with the backing fabric.  They really don’t take too long, and they look sweet on the tree or on top of a package for someone special.

Just a reminder:  You can still sign up for the 2019 Follow Along with Phyllis project – “My Little Trees” which starts January 5.  I am also offering a class the same day for just $5, which will teach basic paper piecing skills if you need to learn, or feel you need a refresher.  We will be making the Little Simple Tree blocks. You can bring your machine and get the first blocks done that first day!

I hope you have a Merry Christmas next week and get to enjoy time with family and friends (and some fabric).

Just for You – Quilt Quote “Quilters lead pieceful lives.”

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