Week of November 19, 2017 – Potholder Quilts

In my last blog I promised I would be sharing a few Potholder quilts with you.  As Pam Weeks defined them in her book Civil War Quilts that she wrote with Don Beld, they are “quilts with each block individually finished” (bound) and then sewn together to make a quilt.  This little quilt (17″ x 13″) with Homespun houses is one that I made several years ago because I wanted to try this method.  As you can see each block (2 houses) is bound in orange and then I whip stitched them together.  I find these quilts to be adorable but also a lot of extra work!

When I went to the lecture by Pam she shared a number of quilts in her collection and I want to share my photos with you.  Her first one looks a lot like a traditional sampler but each person who sent her a block also bound it before giving it to her and then she joined the finished blocks together.

This next one is a Dear Jane.  Can you believe someone would bind each block and then combine them into the quilt?  Sorry my photos are a little dark.  The lighting in the room wasn’t really meant to be good for photos.

The use of individually bound blocks is not limited to traditional square and rectangular blocks.  This one shows a Hexi quilt which bound each individual block with the red fabric that was also the backing.  It was brought to the front of each block to create the binding and then each block was stitched to the next one.  What a creative way to finish off the blocks and create what looks like sashing.

I think I saved the best for last.  Pam shared this quilt that was sent to her as a joke, but she loves it and so do I.  Someone took the time to collect actual Potholders – back when stores used to use them for advertising and put their name and phone number on them.  This friend of hers found these and sewed them all together to make a true “Potholder Quilt”.

Next time you want to try something different – consider a Potholder Quilt.  They are fun.

Just for You – Quilt Quote “Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love.

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