Remember 2020? Oh, wait. Not THAT. Before that. Remember at the beginning of 2020 when we started a hat of the month knitalong/crochetalong??  Wasn’t that fun? We’re reviving that idea but changing it to One Skein Gifts.  So, there might be a hat pattern or two, but there will possibly also be ear warmers, scarfs, doilies, mitts, ornaments, bags, or purses.  Or other fun items (we’re not sure yet)!!

Each month we will share a fun one skein knit pattern and a fun one skein crochet pattern.  We will suggest a yarn to use with the pattern.  If you come to the store, buy the yarn, make the project before the end of the month, and bring it back in to show us, we will enter you in a drawing to win the yarn for the next month’s pattern! (We can also purchase and print patterns for you on!)  The best part? At the end of the year, you have 12 items that you can gift or keep! Way to get a head start on those holiday gifts, right??

Let the fun begin!

January 2023:

This month we are highlighting a very fun yarn by Mirasol called Inka. A super soft, fingering weight yarn with a lovely drape and a beautiful sheen, Inka means “one who shines” in Mapuche. This yarn with a slight halo and a core with an amazing sheen is 64% Viscose and 36% Baby Alpaca.  Let’s be honest. It’s basically a cloud. SO soft and floofy.  And 442 yds is going to go a long way!

And, best of all – During the month of January, Inka is 25% OFF!

 Shop Inka

East Ender Shawl

Our knit pattern for January is “East Ender Shawl” by Suzie von Reyn.

Our crochet pattern is “Boo!” By Marsha Glassner.


Both of these patterns are free on

Let’s get making!

Amy and Rachael