Summer projects mean light-weight tops and warm-weather yarns, so you can keep on sweater knitting without the weight and heat of wool in your lap! In this class, we will knit a short sleeve pullover top: a relaxed-fit, raglan-style garment that you can wear until it’s time for wool again in the fall. We start with a simple pattern and create options for fit customization and styling. We’ll also learn about making and reading gauge swatches, working with stripes, and how to plan for the behavior of plant-based yarns. There will be handouts as well as videos for reference, and lots of one-on-one assistance from the teacher. Most knitting will be done outside of class, since we spend class time on skill building and discussion.

This class is 7 group sessions and 2 one-on-one sessions, spaced out over 3 months to allow sufficient time for knitting, and will be offered online on Zoom, with a limit of 4 students per session. There are some technology requirements: students should access the video portion of class with something larger than a smart phone, and the device must have both 2-way audio and video, so teacher and student can both see and hear each other well. Students can access class using one device for audio and one device for video. Not sure if your device(s) will work? Ask for a ‘tech check’ and we’ll connect you with the teacher to run a test before you sign up for class. Students should also have a way to view and print PDF handouts.

Knitting skill prerequisites: Students should be comfortable with knit stitch and purl stitch; know at least one cast on and bind off method; know the difference between stockinette and garter stitch fabrics; and know at least one increase and decrease method. Students should also have some experience using shaping in a project, such as a hat, mittens, slippers, other types of sweaters, or toys.


Thursday Nights 6 to 8-ish pm

June 4th, 11th, 18th,

Week of June 28th – Individual Sessions will be scheduled

July 16th

August 6th and 13th


Call the Shop to register: (303) 761-9231
$95 for all sessions