Week of June 4, 2017 – Miniature Quilt Racks

What do you do with those adorable miniature quilts that you have made or acquired?  Of course, they need their own little Quilt Rack.  I have been fortunate to find several of them on E-bay but I have also made a few (or had my son’s woodworking help in making several).  To the right, you can see two little racks.  On the left is one I created out of antique wooden Tinker Toys and added a little jute to hang the clothespins on.  To the right is a little rack my son made from a piece of wood across the bottom and two bits of dowels.  It also has jute connecting them and making room for the little 3.5” x 3.5” quilt to hang.  I think these two are my favorites!

Next are three little mini quilts.  I must confess they are not 3” x 3” pieced – they are made from printed fabrics that look like little quilts.  Technically it is not a quilt rack but it is a cute way to display little quilts on the wall with just a pin in each end of jute to secure them to the wall.  If you wanted your “clothes line” longer it certainly can be and you can interchange your quilts with the seasons.

The last photo has three little quilt racks from E-bay.  They are adorable and fun to collect if you have patience and want to spend time searching for your favorites.

I have always loved having quilts around the house on walls and on beds but having little minis to put on table tops or dresser tops is really cute too.


Just for You – Quilt Quote: “Remember, people will see your quilts long after you are gone…Not your housework!

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