I learned to knit when I was eight years old. My mother taught me the absolute basics and I took my first real knitting class when I was 10 or 11 while I was in 4-H. Our group got to go take lessons from a sweet lady who had a knit shop. She was brave enough to take on teaching all of us how to knit. Our first project was, of all things, a pair of mittens made on straight needles for the 4-H fair that summer.   Mine were light purple and what a mess I made out of that skein of yarn! I had never seen yarn packaged like that before.   There was lots of untangling to do before I could even think of starting to knit!

In the many years since then I have knitted off and on. I picked it up again about twelve years ago and is has been a passion ever since. I love knitting and all things yarnie! You will seldom see me without some knitting project near-by. I love sharing my knitting knowledge with others and have been teaching knitting classes of all kinds at Wooden Spools for almost three years now. I teach a wide range of classes from beginning to more advanced skills.