Hi Friends!

Are you caught up on all your Luminous blocks? Have you been looking ahead to the last big block with excitement or a little bit of apprehension? I was nervous about how big “Selene” is. But,  I was feeling confident that I knew how to make all the units and I was as ready as I was ever going to be. It really is like making a whole quilt all by itself. Dive in! If you’ve gotten this far, you are gonna be absolutely fine.

Here are photos of Amy’s and my big blocks:

Rachael’s Selene


Amy’s Selene


















Don’t you love how the pieces are so tiny on the inside and get bigger as the block grows? All in all, this is a beautiful quilt. If you didn’t have the time to make this quilt this time around, I hope you’ll keep it in mind for a future project.


Check out Amy’s full finished quilt.

Amy’s Luminous Quilt!


Isn’t it amazing?? When I saw it, I said “I’m just going to quit quilting”!  😉It’s so spectacular! 🤩 And then I thought, there are so many new projects! So many spectacular quilts to inspire us.  And, here’s the lesson: Don’t ever stop quilting!! Don’t stop looking ahead to the next project! There are so many beauties needing to be made with cute fabrics. And they need to be put together in our own unique ways.

Here’s to our next spectacular finished quilts 😍!