Week of August 13, 2017 – Hourglass Quilts

I just love little Hourglass Blocks!  To me they are simply charming.  This first quilt to the right was made for me by my friend Linda Rhodes.  It has wonderful civil war fabrics and each block is only 1” x 1” making the entire quilt 10.75” x 10.75” with binding.

The next one was made as a reproduction of a quilt in the Mary Ghormley collection (now owned by the International Quilt Study Center – Quilt House in Lincoln, NE).  I made it in 2011.  I had been studying the book Childhood Treasures which pictures this quilt and I tried to reproduce the quilt on page 28.  It had those charming Hourglass blocks so I found fabrics similar to the original and made my own little 14.75” x 14.75” treasure.  I even brought the fabric from the back to the front rather than sewing on a binding and I hope to never do that again!  This little quilt features the blocks on point with sashing which is a little unique.

When I picked up a little 2.5” Moda charm pack of William Morris fabrics I knew it needed to be made into another Hourglass Quilt.  I just finished this piece in May and I love the collection of fabrics that were included in the pack.  This is another little quilt (14” x 16.25”) but it ended up a little bigger by adding the tiny border and then the big one.

I think I want to do a series of little quilts in two colors.  I might work exclusively in red and white – it looks so clean and bright.  This next one was my first attempt at the series.  My friend Jane Nelson stipple quilted it for me and did a great job.  Unfortunately, after it was done I decided to spray it with water and throw it in the dryer to “shrink” it up a bit.  Instead it turned it into a red and pink quilt.  I knew better and should not have made that mistake!  But I still love this little 9.5” x 11” quilt and now it has a great story to go with it.

I hope I might have inspired you to try your hand at a little Hourglass Block creation.


Just for You – Quilt Quote: “There’s nothing more exciting than starting a new project.

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