“I need fabric like I need a hole in my head.”

This is something we hear every day at the shop.

Let’s fix that problem. Welcome to the Hole in the Head Gang!

We will meet once a month to sew up our scraps or use up some yardage.  Won’t it be great to hang out with friends and do some easy cutting and sewing? Each month I will teach you a  new block that will help to use up some of your scraps. Let’s make a hole in your stash! 

For the first month we’ll start simple: Let’s make some snowballs! I love this block. It is easy to cut, easy to piece, and it makes such interesting patterns, depending on your fabrics and how you’d like to put things together. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most satisfying. Come and make a hole in your stash with me!

Thursday, March 9th (and 2nd Thursdays thereafter)

$20 per month (for all day!)

Call to get registered: (303) 761-9231