Week of August 27, 2017 – Garage Sale

I have a hard time resisting a garage sale – especially when fabric and quilts are involved.  Yesterday was no exception.  Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum (in Golden) had their annual garage sale and I volunteered to be a cashier at the event.  Of course, I arrived an hour early to do a little personal shopping.  There were so many tables loaded with quilts and many more with fabrics and then some with notions and on and on.  If you missed it, you might want to put it on your calendar for next August.  It is so much fun and there are bargains to be had.  I wanted to share a few of my “little quilt” finds.

The first one isn’t actually a quilt, but it is so precious.  It is made up of 121 one-inch Yo-Yos set together in a diamond shape.  Someone had a lot of patience to create this.  I may applique it onto a plain square of fabric or I may just frame it on a mat.

My next find is my favorite.  It is a little (11.5” x 11.75”) Amish quilt.  The four-patch quilt is made up of Red and Blue Variable Star blocks set with blue sashing.  It is hand quilted with nice small and even stitches.  I can’t help but wonder if it was made for a little girl’s doll or teddy bear.

I found one that reminds me of Wooden Spools Quilt Shop. It has three wooden spools and a small sewing machine surrounded by half square triangle blocks (18” x 18.5”).  Sadly, when I turned it over I found no information about the maker.  I don’t know if it came from Colorado or when it was made or by whom.  It just reminded me of the importance of labeling your work no matter how large or small.  Someday someone will come along after you are gone and wonder about the quilt.

This last little quilt (9” x 16”) is signed by the maker, Ada Reed and she also attached a label crediting the designer.  It was created by Red Wagon designers:  Gerry Kimmel, Linda Brannock and Jan Patek.  Who would imagine that six little houses stacked on top of each other could be so cute?

Just for You – Quilt Quote: “Quilters aren’t greedy, they’re just materialistic.

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