Week of December 30, 2018 – Four Patch Quilts

We are about to welcome in a New year and I have a New challenge for you.  Make 2019 the year to finish UFOs.  If you are like me you have way too many of them – stuffed in plastic tubs, cupboards and in closets.  I have decided to try to complete at least 6 this year.  That would be about one every other month.  You might be more ambitious and go for 12 or you might just want to do one or two.  Of course, if they are doll quilts it might be easier than if they are all queen size!  If you take my challenge, please email me and let me know what you will do so I can hold you accountable.  Then of course you will need to send me pictures as they are completed.  I will do the same here and show you pictures of my six.

The best part is, if you find you are out of fabric for a project you just might find more at Wooden Spools.  Check back every week since they are always getting new “old” fabric.

I want to share some quilts with a simple block – the four patch.  The first one (7.75” x 9.25”) is simple four patches made beautiful with a little embroidery and buttons.  It is a pattern from the Red Button Quilt Co.  I love their patterns and they often come with little buttons for the project.

The next one is from my antique collection and measures 14” x 20.75”.  It looks to me like it is from the 30s just because of the color of the solid green. It is not actually quilted but instead tied and then the binding is button hole stitched to hold the front and back together.  I like that clever idea.  Either they used a thick batting or perhaps it is part of an old blanket because the quilt feels thicker than most.  That may explain why it is not hand quilted and they tied it instead.  The four patches lined up in a column make an interesting pattern, simple but clever.

The next one is even a little larger (17.5” x 21”) and it is also a 30s quilt from my collection.  I am guessing that this one was a teaching quilt.  Maybe grandma thought it was time for her granddaughter to learn to sew.  It is hand pieced and hand quilted (even the binding is done by hand) and about half of the rows of quilting are quite nice, but the other half certainly look like a beginner to me.  Do you suppose Grandma got impatient and helped to finish it?  That would be my guess.

This last little quilt (12” x 12”) is one of mine – trying out a new idea.  Each block started out as a four patch, but this is the disappearing four patch pattern where you sew together four patches and then cut two horizontal lines and two vertical lines and then turn some of the new blocks before you sew them back together.  It was fun to make and turned out sweet.

My wish for you is a Happy New Year and May your Antique quilts never wear out!

Just for You – Quilt Quote “In the Quilt of Life, Friends are the stitches that hold it together.”

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Phyllis at:  MtnQltr@aol.com