Rachael’s Quilt

Hello Friends!
Now is the time! You have gotten your pattern, your fabrics are cut and ready to sew. It is time for the next step of our “Exploding Heart” quilt along!
(Don’t have your supplies yet? Click here for PATTERNS and FAT QUARTER BUNDLES)
It has been so fun to see the fabrics that people are gathering to make this awesome quilt! Share your fabric choices or current progress with the group by posting photos to our Facebook page, or on Instagram using #explodingheartqal.  And it has been fun to hear about how people are planning to make this quilt their own by making some changes. Some people are going to use a scrappy background, one customer is going to do the math and make it half size, some people are planning on adding a border! I think this is the mark of a really great pattern: it will give us the tools to make it as written, or it will inspire us to make changes to make it our own.

Mary’s Quilt

For the next two weeks you will be making ALL the blocks for your quilt. It seems like a lot, but, trust me, it will go fast. You can sew all the blocks and then square them all up. Or you can do like I wish I did: make all the “B” blocks, and then square those all up, and then do the “C” blocks… (It is a lot of trimming to wait until the end to square them all at one time.)

Here is one thing Mary, Amy, and I learned about this next part: The blocks are oversized which makes it easy to square everything up perfectly. Don’t you hate it when your blocks aren’t square and there isn’t enough to trim it to make it right? I don’t think you’ll have that problem here. Wondering about squaring up blocks? Check out this video tutorial using the RULERS we sell here in the shop! (shown below)


Creative Grids Basic Range 6″ Square $17.99


Elisa’s Backporch Square Me Up Ruler $16.95

Remember that offer from Wendy, of Purple Tutu Quilting? That BONUS INCENTIVE?  The wonderful (big-hearted) Wendy, of Purple Tutu Quilting, is participating in the QAL and has this longarm quilting offer for you: If you and Wendy BOTH finish your tops by April 10th (Wendy’s day at Wooden Spools)  you’ll receive 10% off longarm quilting for your Exploding Heart Quilt!  If YOU finish but Wendy doesn’t – you’ll receive 20% OFF! ❤️😍 Go, Wendy, Go…but maybe go slow 😜!

UPDATE 2/27:  We have it on good authority (from Wendy 😉) that she is running a bit behind on her QAL – she just got a couple of custom quilting jobs – so that means it’s looking even better for you to finish your quilt by April 10th and (if Wendy isn’t done by then) you’ll get 20% off of longarm quilting on your Exploding Heart!!!

Amy’s Quilt