Rachael’s Quilt

…by Rachael

I know some of you have gotten excited and have already put your Exploding Heart quilt top together, but if you haven’t yet, that is the next step. (Still sewing blocks together? That is fine! Take your time & enjoy
the process.)

If you are ready to lay out your blocks, there are a couple different ways to go about doing that. I don’t have a design wall big enough to accommodate this project. Instead, I used a piece of batting spread out on the floor. I laid out my blocks according to the map in the pattern, then fidgeted with placement and orientation. I then carefully rolled up the batting with the blocks inside until I was ready to sew. I unrolled a little bit of the batting, just enough to expose a row or two of the quilt, and then sewed those blocks together. Amy didn’t do all that. She picked the blocks for each row as she went, just making an effort not to have two of the same fabrics touching. She made her rows and then sewed them together as she went. It seems that is one of the wonderful aspects of this quilt: ANYTHING goes and EVERYTHING works!

Have you been dreaming of how you will quilt your quilt when it is all finished? Check out Mary’s stunning straight lines! 




I did my first ever pebble quilting design in the heart outline with my trusty old Bernina.

Rachael’s Quilting









Amy’s was quilted by Wendy from Purple Tutu Quilting with a fun all-over heart design in a beautiful green thread.

Amy’s Quilting


How will you do yours? Got another way? Do whatever feels right to YOU! This pattern is a great way to experiment with trying something new, or using an old standby method. And if you haven’t been to the store in the last week or so, you have missed a real treat. Mary figured out the math and did a mini! Yay, Mary!


…by Mary

Creating a smaller version of a large quilt is an intriguing challenge!  Instead of the Exploding Heart squares finishing at 4.5”, how would they look if they finished at 1 1/2”?  It isn’t that hard since you only cut fabrics in two sizes. When the pattern says to cut fabrics 4.5”, cut them 2” instead.  When the pattern instructs you to cut blocks 5.5”, cut them 2.75” instead.  Follow the pattern directions for sewing together and cutting, but trim the blocks to 2”.  You’ll need a yard of background fabric. It will be really cute! My mini version finished at 28″ square!

When you have finished your Exploding Heart Quilt – email us a photo (info@woodenspools.com) or post to our Facebook or Instagram pages and we will put together a virtual show ‘n tell at the end!

Also – don’t forget that BONUS INCENTIVE from Wendy, of Purple Tutu Quilting. Wendy is participating in the QAL and has this longarm quilting offer for you: If you and Wendy BOTH finish your tops by April 10th (Wendy’s day at Wooden Spools)  you’ll receive 10% off longarm quilting for your Exploding Heart Quilt!  If YOU finish but Wendy doesn’t – you’ll receive 20% OFF!