Week of July 14, 2019 – Color!

Last night I had the opportunity to hear a great jazz concert at Soiled Dove Underground.  The musician was the pianist Louis14Colaiannia and his band.  They played with such passion it stirred my soul.  Music is such a wonderful medium to affect our emotions.  I also believe that color does the same thing.  I want to share some little quilts that have an emotional response from me.

This first quilt (19.5” x 19”) “Words of Inspiration” is one that I made in May for the ACQ – Arapahoe County Quilters challenge.  The fabric everyone had to use was a black and white fabric with words.  I cut them out and fused them on various strips of orange, blue and green.  The colors were like springtime to me.

The second quilt (14.5” x 14.5”) was made by my friend Linda Jackson.  It always makes me smile when I see the butterflies and the piano key border – all made from 30s reproduction fabrics.  The play on words is that she has been a piano teacher for many years.  Adding the touch of black along with bright red accents brings out the other colors which are traditionally a bit muted.

Many years ago, I took a class from George Siciliano on piecing one of his miniatures.  It is still in a tub unfinished but when this pattern came out in a magazine, I was able to create and finish it!  It is made of two blocks and when I combined them one on top of the other it has a unique look, somewhat resembling a butterfly.  This quilt measures 14” x 25” and has LOTS of tiny pieces in it.  I loved the way the colors were shaded and contrasting enough (again with black) that it made a lovely little wall hanging.

The last quilt is one I designed and made for Heather Thomas’ class on color theory which I took in 2006.  It is 10.5” x 17” and illustrates three colors from the color wheel that form a triad.  I love the way the colors play off each other and keep your eye moving around the quilt.  It makes me think of a celebration with an explosion of color!

I encourage you to get out some colorful fabrics today, (or stop at Wooden Spools and pick out some more) and put together a little quilt to celebrate color!


Just for You – Quilt Quote: “Quilting is the answer.  I don’t care what the question is.”

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Phyllis at:  MtnQltr@aol.com