• Anne Sullivan Blue Thread on Wooden Spool

    Anne has been knitting for over 30 years and sewing since the age of 7 or 8 years!  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and is an Interior Designer by trade.  She has always been interested in textiles and fiber arts and spent her career in Design and Construction.

    In addition to knitting, Anne also spins, weaves and dyes.  She is a contract immersion dyer for Treenway Silks here in Colorado.  Anne worked as the Manager of The Recycled Lamb until she retired in October 2015, teaching Knitting, Spinning, Fleece Washing and Preparation & Dyeing to groups and to private students there until July of this year.  She is also active in the Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild and various spinning and knitting groups.

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  • Barb Gardner

    Barb has a background in “Textile Design” from Iowa State University and designs patterns under the “Gardners Delights Patterns“ name. She started out making traditional quilts and has branched into Innovative and Art Quilts.

    Most of her designs are created using the Electric Quilt Program. (EQ) She has taught classes on EQ at festivals, state guilds and “The International Quilt Festival” in Houston.

    Barb has had works published and won awards with designs using the Electric Quilt (EQ) Program. In 2012, Barb had a quilt designed using EQ travel with the Hoffman Challenge.   She has two recent publications, both group efforts with the “Denver Electric Quilters” a small group that explores the EQ program. The April 2014 edition of Quilters Newsletter Magazine has an article on computer quilt design and quotes Barb on page 33.

    She has had quilts in major magazines, including: “Toasty Feet” in the March ‘05 issue of Quilters Newsletter ... Read full bio

  • Doris DeGenova Blue Thread on Wooden Spool
    As we all probably did, in the 8th grade, I took my first sewing class (my teacher’s name was Doris Cleary) and fell in love with the craft.  Previously, as a little girl, my mother taught me to knit, crochet and embroider.  I remember being in awe of my mother’s neat and even stitches –  wondering if I’d ever be as good as she.  I love all aspects of fabric and design and took classes in pattern design and tailoring in the 80’s.  In the 90’s, I had a Home Dec business until 2003 when I started quilting.  Mostly self taught, I took a few classes at Fabric Expressions with Karla Esh and Juanita.  Once I started quilting, all other form of sewing were left behind & I have designed and made many, many quilts ever since.
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  • Dusty Darrah

    Dusty Darrah

    Certified Zentangle® Teacher

    Dusty has been teaching Zentangle® classes here for a few years, making this art form of pen to paper fun and easy to learn. In her Basic Zentangle® Class, she teaches 4 tangles/designs (hands on) and then the students each create a unique design on a watercolor paper tile using those 4 tangles. That exercise is repeated with 4 more tangles in each class.

    Each beginner class offers 8 more tangles (new to students) so you could come to every one of Dusty’s beginner/basic classes and learn 8 different tangles each time. No artist knowledge is needed for any of her classes.

    Although these classes use watercolor paper and ink pen, you may notice that many of the tangles are familiar to you as quilting patterns. Drawing them on paper helps you to become more comfortable with using them to quilt on fabric.

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  • Jan Malone

    Knitting and crocheting have been a part of my life since I was 8 years old. I come from a long line of knitters and crocheters. Teaching others the wonderful ways of expressing themselves through yarn is one of my favorite things. I have been a professional knitting teacher for 14 years, along with being a test knitter. My students have been as young as 5 and old as 80. I designed a sock in memory of my grandmother and was fortunate enough to have it published in Vogue Knitting, The Ultimate Sock Book. Knitting is my Valium. Daily life can be stressful enough. Give me a cup of coffee, yarn and needles, I will be good to go!

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  • Jane Dumler Blue Thread on Wooden Spool

    Jane started teaching for Y-Wives in 1971!  She taught for Great American Quilt Factory from 1982 to 2011 when they closed. We are so thrilled to have Jane teaching quilting classes here at Wooden Spools!

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  • Jenny Kae Parks

    Jenny Kae Parks contracted an incurable case of Quilt-pox in 2001 with her first project making quilted place mats. Several years and many projects later, she began working and teaching at local quilt shops. In 2013, she started filming demos for Fons & Porter, Quiltmaker, Craft U and others. She also designs for fabric companies and is developing her own pattern collection. “My objectives, whether teaching, filming or designing, are to entertain, educate and encourage quilters of all skill levels.” For more about Jenny Kae, visit her website www.jennykaequilts.com.

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  • Linda Rhodes Blue Thread on Wooden Spool

    “I began quilting about twenty years ago and enjoy every aspect of the process.  My greatest gain in quilting was my husband seeing an applique pattern in a quilt shop while vacationing and asking me to make it for him.  I have taught retreats and classes in quilt shops in Chicago and St. Louis.  My applique quilts have won awards including first place in quilt shows in the Chicago area.”

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  • Lynda Milligan Blue Thread on Wooden Spool

    I started my quilting career at Quilts and Other Comforts (one of the first quilt stores in the country and home of Quilter’s Newsletter) in the summer of 1973 and started teaching quilt classes shortly after. I opened Great American Quilt Factory, a retail quilting store in Denver, CO, with my business partner, Nancy Smith, in the spring of 1981. In the 30 years that GAQF was open, we published over 100 patterns under the DreamSpinners name, wrote and published over 75 quilting books under the Possibilities name, and designed over 100 fabric lines for Chapel House, VIP, Henry Glass, Avlyn, and Quilting Treasures. We appeared on Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson on four different occasions and also with Sue Hausmann on America Sews, twice. We have also written books for That Patchwork Place and C&T Publishing.

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  • Pat Syta Blue Thread on Wooden Spool

    Pat started sewing when she was 12 and quilting in about 1991.  She was an Administrative Assistant for 29 years in Elementary Schools.  After retiring in Anchorage, and moving to Parker, CO, Pat continued the same position in Douglas County for 4.5 years.  Her first job here was in the construction process and outfitting Lone Tree Elementary in Lone Tree, CO. A job she did previously in Anchorage and calls it and that school her “award winning job”!

    Pat got bit hard by the quilting bug after a quilting class that a friend talked her into taking.  With gusto Pat began teaching in just two years!   Beginning in Anchorage, Alaska, her teaching took her to many communities in Alaska which she thoroughly enjoyed.  Meeting people and sharing the love of quilting is what makes her happiest.  Pat has taught 1,000+ beginners and students at other levels during her career and calls herself the “Queen of Shortcuts”.  She loves to take ... Read full bio

  • Peggy Supplee

    Like so many quilters, my first experience sewing was learning garment construction from my Mom, who happened to be a fashion designer in New York. She also taught me do make quite a few home dec projects (I much prefer window treatments to upholstery).   Sewing took a backseat to college, career, marriage and family though somewhere along the line I became interested in quilts. In 1997 I needed something to do at 2 AM, that was quiet, and would divert my attention away from back pain – learning to quilt was the answer.  As every quilter knows somewhere, somehow quilting takes on a life of its own and sweeps you along with it. Since then I have enjoyed taking classes, learning new techniques, making quilts for family and friends and best of all teaching. I have been fortunate to be able to teach classes both in Denver and Virginia, and ... Read full bio

  • Phyllis Stewart

    About me: Mountain Quilter a.k.a. Phyllis A. Stewart                                                          Summer 2016

    I have lived in Colorado for over 40 years and love the mountains. I collect pine cones as well as lots of fabric (and I do mean Lots). I have quilted for the past 40 years but I would call it my real passion for the past 25 years. My two grown kids are Lisa and Karl, and Lisa (and Tony) are expecting our first granddaughter soon!

    I am married to an amazing man, Bill Stewart who also has two kids, Jason and Heather. Jason and his wife Jennifer have our first two grandsons, Tenzin and Kalden but they live far away in Washington state.

    Ok, enough about family – let’s get to quilting. I come from a long line of quilters. My mom, both grandmothers, great-grandmothers and further back were all quilters. The oldest family quilt in my collection comes from a ... Read full bio

  • Saundra Fowler

    I learned to knit when I was eight years old. My mother taught me the absolute basics and I took my first real knitting class when I was 10 or 11 while I was in 4-H. Our group got to go take lessons from a sweet lady who had a knit shop. She was brave enough to take on teaching all of us how to knit. Our first project was, of all things, a pair of mittens made on straight needles for the 4-H fair that summer.   Mine were light purple and what a mess I made out of that skein of yarn! I had never seen yarn packaged like that before.   There was lots of untangling to do before I could even think of starting to knit!

    In the many years since then I have knitted off and on. I picked it up again about twelve years ago and is ... Read full bio

  • Sheila Sanchez Blue Thread on Wooden Spool

    Sheila has been crocheting for over 40 years. She has taught students from elementary age up to adults in a variety of yarn shops, schools and even at the Aurora History Museum. For the last several years she has hosted a monthly knit/crochet night at her home.

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