I just came across this post from 2011 and thought I’d share it again.  This  type of “happy ending” story continues to play out on a regular basis!   We share in successes like this all the time, and really – nothing feels better than having the right piece of fabric to allow someone to finish a project that’s been on hold!   Vicki


3/17/11:  Linda started working on her “Trip Around the World” quilt about 10 years ago.  She tells the great story of how

Linda and her incredible “Around the World” Quiltshe  got the fabric for this quilt.  She was on a business trip with her boss in Portland, Oregon – and managed to convince him to wait for her while she spent a couple hours in a terrific fabric store (Daisy Kingdom)  shopping!

she got her quilt about halfway completed – and then it sat – for 10 years.

Recently, she picked it up again and finished it.  It needed a border, however; but the green fabric she wanted to use was no where to be found.  She not only couldn’t find the same fabric – she couldn’t even  find any fabric in the same shade of green!!

Linda said, “I looked everywhere…All the fabric stores, online, friends’ stashes….but no one had the right shade of green….no one but Wooden Spools, that is!”  “A friend suggested trying Wooden Spools – since they revive stashed fabric – and I hit the jackpot!” almost a perfect match!”

How ’bout that great border?
So gorgeous…


Thank you, Linda – for sharing your incredible quilt with us…