Week of November 5, 2017 – AQSG

I had the privilege of attending AQSG (American Quilt Study Group) Seminar two weeks ago. What a wonderful immersion in quilts, quilt history and women’s history. I was able to attend study centers on “Chintz Extraordinaire” and “Pillowcases, Privy Bags and Potholders” as well as a Pam Weeks informative study center lecture on “Potholder Quilts and Other Wonders” (more on that in two weeks). The quilt pictures I am sharing today are miniatures from the NEQM – New England Quilt Museum. Of course, they caught my eye when we visited the museum. I can’t help but be drawn to miniatures and doll quilts. They are all reproductions in miniature of antique Amish quilts. The first one is 12” x 14” and is all hand pieced and quilted. I have included the little tag with the photo if you can enlarge it you will read more about the maker and the quilter.

The next one contains 5 of the precious jewels that were all mounted together. The largest being 14” x 16” and the smallest is 6” x 7”. I love to make miniatures, but these go way beyond my abilities! I guess that is good motivation to keep on practicing and get smaller and smaller.

I just loved this little square in a square in a 9-patch square (15” x 16”). It requires very precise piecing. The color placements are so vivid and striking, it just keeps my eye moving around the quilt to take it all in. I find it interesting that most of these quilts have fairly large borders. I’m not sure if that is to allow extra hand quilting or just because it creates a nice big frame for the quilt.

The next one is another square in a square in a 9-patch square (13” x 16”) but with very different coloring and the block placement is broken up with teal colored plain blocks in the middle. They have also added the teal rectangle at the bottom making it look almost like a four-poster cut out bed covering but the corners are not cut out. Again, there is exquisite hand quilting – this time in a clam shell pattern on the border.

I just have to share one more (9” x 11”) star quilt with Baptist Fan quilting in the border. It is another superb example of tiny piecing and beautiful quilting.

If you find yourself in Lowell Massachusetts I highly recommend you stop in at the New England Quilt Museum and take in some of their magnificent quilts.

Just for You – Quilt Quote “To Quilt or not to Quilt…DUH!

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