Wooden Spools is located in Englewood, Colorado (just South of Denver) We offer a huge selection of top-quality fabrics, yarn, and fiber arts supplies.

Making Quilting Affordable Again

Our inspiration to create Wooden Spools began in 2010.  A casual conversation between friends and Wooden Spools founders,  Vicki Skigen and Sally Black, turned into a discussion about how expensive our quilting hobbies had become.  We realized how much we quilters  spend on beautiful fabric which just ends up in our stashes – sitting on shelves, “to be used someday”.   We thought, ” What if we offered to buy that fabric?  Quilters could sell us the fabric they no longer were in love with, freeing up both physical and creative space…”

From that conversation, the concept behind Wooden Spools was born.  We’d start a store which buys and affordably sells the best of these “stash” fabrics with quilters in our community.  The concept proved to be an immediate hit, resulting in an ever-changing selection of fabric ranging from modern to vintage, with everything in between!  Quilters come to Wooden Spools from all over the nation (and occasionally, the world!) to browse our one-of-a-kind selection of fabric.

We’ve had many wonderful success stories with customers who have found an exact match for a fabric they needed to complete a project from many years ago on the shelves of Wooden Spools.  You can always contact us if you are looking for a match.


Since so many of us work with both fabric and yarn – we decided to expand Wooden Spools to offer  yarn as well.  Before we knew it, we had become both a fabric and yarn shop. We don’t buy yarn from individuals, as we do with fabric, so we are constantly on the hunt for exciting new yarns to share with you!  The result is a fantastic selection ranging from Indie Dyer offerings to our corner of the store devoted entirely to Noro!

Classes in the “Spool Room”

It wasn’t long after we opened our doors for business, that it became clear that we really needed a classroom! We spent the first year holding classes only in the evenings – in the back of the store.  We’d have to move fabric displays around to make room for just a few tables!   So, in 2011, we expanded our space and added “The Spool Room”.  We have something going on almost every day!  From classes and workshops to private group events.  See the Events Calendar for what’s coming up!

We Love Offering Great Sales!

From day one, our mission has always been to make hobbies that we enjoy so much affordable again…by the way, that’s where our name came from!  When you think of actual “wooden spools” and remember the days when thread was always on wooden spools … things were much more affordable then, weren’t they?

We love offering great sales – and passing along savings!  Here’s how you can find out about our latest promotions:

Show and Tell Savings

You can save 10% on your purchases every day when you “show and tell” an item that was made with yarn or fabric from Wooden Spools!  Bring in your finished piece and we’ll take a picture to share online.  All of your regular priced purchases that day are 10% off!

Shop Online

Wooden Spools also has an online store.  Open 24/7, even local customers can shop from home and select in-store pick up.

Shop our Online Store

Hope To See You Soon!

Wooden Spools is a warm and welcoming spot for quilters, knitters and crafters to gather and meet others.  Join us for open sew and open knit and crochet times!  We hope to see you soon!