Week of June 30, 2019 – 4th of July Quilts

It’s almost the 4th of July.  Time to get out those patriotic red, white and blue quilts and put them on display in your home!  I pulled all of mine out several weeks ago.  I enjoy having them on the walls and tables and beds for the entire summer.

The first quilt I’m sharing (15” x 17”) is a modified 2” Birds in the Air block.  Done in red, cream and blue it creates a sweet little quilt to put on a doll bed or a tabletop.  I just had to make a new doll quilt for this season.  I have so many doll beds it is hard to keep up with a seasonal quilt for each of them four times a year.

This star wall-hanging or table runner (14.5” x 27”) is a design I made for my book I wrote with Carol Ann Waugh called First Ladies of America Quilt.  This block represents Lucretia Garfield.  Her husband was president in 1881 and Lucretia had been the editor of a school magazine called The Eclectic Star.  Using three blocks together it makes a fun piece for the wall.

If you are looking for a quick and easy project to make before the 4th of July, why not try a flag?  The Doll Quilt Divas group that I belong to decided we would each make 6 flags and then exchange them so we will end up with 6 different blocks to combine into a quilt.  The blue square is cut out as a 7.5” square and each red and white strip is 1.5” wide.  The top 7 strips are cut at 11.5” or a little longer – then you can trim them after it is all put together.  The bottom 6 strips are 18.5” (or longer).  When it is all put together it makes a finished 18” x 13” block.  If you only want to make one, this would be a cute placemat or small wall hanging.

The last quilt I want to share is one that my mom made many years ago – 1981.  We were helping to clean out an area of the church basement and in the back of a closet we found a bag full of little fabric squares.  No one knew anything about them but rather than throw them out my mom took them home and made this small Trip Around the World quilt (34” x 42”).  I love to drape it on my room divider between the kitchen and family room in the summer.  It looks patriotic and it reminds me of my precious mother who loved quilts and quilting.

Just for You – Quilt Quote: “Quilting with a Friend will keep you in stitches”

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Phyllis at:  MtnQltr@aol.com